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18 Fun-Tastic Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

The Easter is almost upon us, so there’s no time to lose. Remember to keep it simple but also, if you think you can do better than what we’re about to show you – go for it! We’ve got something for everyone here: from the beginner lever stuff all the way to “holy hell, how is this even possible on an egg”.

The World’s Most Wanted Ugly Tattoos by Malfeitona

Tattoo artists are usually people with background in art of design, but not Helena Fernandes. Most of her scrabbles feel like they were drawn by a 6-year-old. You’d think who in their right minds would want to have an ugly ink that would stay on your body for decades?… Yeah, turns out a bunch of people are that crazy!

10 World’s Strangest Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Exist

Back in the 1880’s first ever vending machines were giving out simple postcards of the streets of London but after 140 years of rapid industrial development, these machines have been transformed into boxes filled with all sorts of wondrous items. From cupcakes and pizza to live crabs and “used” panties.

20 Mind-Bending Ads That Will Make You Look Twice

First impression is a huge deal when it comes to advertising. If the ad doesn’t catch your eye in the first 2 seconds, chances are you’re not the target audience. Here is a mix of mind-bending product and PSA ads that will make you take a second look!

7 Telltale Signs You’re A Geek

In case you were wondering what being a geek is all about, here’s a few telltale signs you can keep an eye on to know if you’re a geek or not.

3 Biggest Internet Myths That Actually Sizzled Out In The End

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the social media. Don’t be a “mom”, filter out your information sources! That said, there are thousands of people who are just too pure to doubt even the most obvious of lies. Thanks to those gullible users we got ourselves quite a few fun internet myths that went viral, only to sizzle out in the end.

7 Things You Should Never Say To A Bartender

Being a bartender is pretty rough sometimes. Just in case you want to go out for a drink next time and treat your bartender with some respect, here’s a couple of things you probably shouldn’t say or do.

20 Cooking Fails So Bad They’re Actually Good

Are you one of those people who can only cook water? Have you ever burned eggs or made a hideous, barely edible cake? Then you are going to love these culinary experiments. From small mishaps to huge kitchen disasters, here are 20 cooking fails so bad they’re actually good!

Drake Lyrics On Cake Is A Thing Now

Joy Wilson, a self-taught baker from New Orleans, decided it would be a good idea to put Drake lyrics on cakes. E ven just looking at these amazing cakes – because they do look amazing – will make you instantly happier.

Top 21 Most Hilarious #10YearChallenge Memes

Coming out of the blue, the #10YearChallenge was meant to be used as an inspirational tool for people going into the new year. It all started out with people showing how they’ve changed in the past 10 years. Turns out our bodies were not the only things that changed! Nothing is safe from being featured in this challenge: celebrities, sports, movies, politics, technology – pretty much anything goes, as far as the internet

Best Bird Box Memes

Bird Box is the new sensation everyone just can’t stop raving about. No wonder that shortly after the release Twitter (ha-ha) users started filling out their timelines with Bird Box memes. A couple of days later the whole internet was burning up!

Real Stories Behind Real Memes

Most memes you’ve seen dozens of times have an actual backstory attached to them, though. Sadly, this story gets lost most of the time. Let’s take a deep dive into meme history and find the truth behind popular memes.

12 Easy But Still Fun Halloween Costumes Any Guy Can Nail

Halloween is creeping up on us, slow but steadily. Some of you have already figured out if you’re going to play the annual dress up game, and maybe even decided on what character you’re going to be. But if you’re still lost and looking for a quick and easy ideas, here are 12 easy but still fun Halloween costumes for guys!