Real Stories Behind Real Memes

Most memes you’ve seen dozens of times have an actual backstory attached to them, though. Sadly, this story gets lost most of the time. Let’s take a deep dive into meme history and find the truth behind popular memes.

12 Easy But Still Fun Halloween Costumes Any Guy Can Nail

Halloween is creeping up on us, slow but steadily. Some of you have already figured out if you’re going to play the annual dress up game, and maybe even decided on what character you’re going to be. But if you’re still lost and looking for a quick and easy ideas, here are 12 easy but still fun Halloween costumes for guys!

10 Premature Celebration Fails

Remember the old saying “haste makes waste”? This short compilation of 10 premature celebration fails should teach you a good life lesson – it ain’t over till it’s over!

9 Hilarious Disney Face Swaps!

You’ve already seen these Disney princesses all inked up, dressed in a modern fashion, and probably some of their more disturbing iterations, but this time we’re changing the game. Today the heroes of popular fairy tales, myths and stories, you know and love, depicted in the Walt Disney cartoons, became victims of failed face transplantation.