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7 Telltale Signs You’re A Geek



It’s a wonderful time to be alive for geeks. Where 20 years ago we were considered social pariahs, we’ve somehow moved up in society and reclaimed our rightful place among the normal people. It’s even gone a step further – geeks are cool now!


In case you were wondering what being a geek is all about, here’s a few telltale signs you can keep an eye on to know if you’re a geek or not.



You Know The Difference Between Marvel And DC Heroes

You won’t be asking people why Batman hasn’t shown up in Avengers yet – and you never will. You keep your franchises apart, like you should.


You Get Obsessed Over Your Passions

You don’t buy one thing, you buy everything and constantly look up information of the things you don’t already have. You want the best – and probably the best that comes after that, too.



You Enjoy Things More Than People

Whether it’s your book collection, a board game or a gaming console: you can’t wait to get rid of other people so you can do the thing you really enjoy.


Grammar is Important To You

Reading things like “your being difficult” makes your eyeballs twitch a little. Proper grammar is just a sign of respect, isn’t it?



You Meet Most People Online

I mean, this kind of makes sense considering geeks would rather avoid social gatherings, right? Meeting people online is far less intrusive.


You Like Being Busy

Well, maybe not physically busy, but you like having your mind occupied. Doesn’t matter what it is, really. Just as long as it makes you think.



You Actually Know All The Names of The Game of Thrones Characters

There’s so many of them, you’d have to be somewhat of a geek to remember all of them, right?