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9 Inventions Made by Children

We take for granted that adults are the ones who change our world by inventing new technologies. But there were many times in history when the most interesting discoveries were made by smart kids.

What 7 Popular Game Genres Do to Your Brain

According to certain knowledgeable people, the teenage brain is shaped by any memorable experiences and repeated activities. This means all those games you’ve played as a kid, basically, molded your adolescent mind. And depending on the genre, you’re getting different results.

19 Almost Unbelievable Facts About the Milky Way

We all live in a galaxy called the Milky Way, but we can hardly see it. To assess its full scale, we need to look at it from the side. That’s why we only have a small piece of the big picture available for observation. But even that small amount of information we’ve gathered so far is simply astounding.

Why Are All Virtual Assistants Using Female Voices?

Most of us use virtual assistants in iPhones, GPS navigators, and other talking stuff almost every day. We ask what the weather will be like, what time it is, what’s 4×4, driving directions, and so on. But we never ask ourselves why the vast majority of the responses we get are spoken in a female voice.

Top Wonders of the Technological World

Technology is quite a thing to behold. Over the last decades technology has expanded exponentially and we’ve come across some truly groundbreaking stuff. Let’s not waste any more time and look at science’s greatest hits.