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New Tech Gimmicks to Come Out of the COVID-19 Pandemic


Believe it or not, the tech industry has also been affected by the rampaging pandemic. The suspension of production, disruption in supply chains, and many of the offline stores going out of business have severely damaged the profits of tech corporations.

But, as they say, every stick has two ends. COVID-19 helped businesses adapt to the new online retail reality and forced scientists to find new ways to use high technology to alleviate the potential health hazards in the future. That’s how we get new and exciting gadgets aimed to minimize the spread of not just COVID-19 but other diseases as well.

1. Unique R-Pur FFP3 Face Mask

This mask is revolutionary! The R-PUR Nano mask consists of two easily replaceable parts: a multilayered filter and a reusable fabric base. The mobile app assesses the need for filter replacement based on the air quality at the user’s location and notifies them when they need a fresh one. These super masks have multiple layers that filter out pollen, polluted air, bacteria, and of course, viruses. The only downside is the cost — 130 Euro. Sheesh!

2. Self-Cleaning Door Handles

Some people still don’t realize how dirty their door handles are. You can find all sorts of fungi, viruses, and bacteria living rent-free in your house, and especially on the door handles. Thankfully, this Swiss start-up has presented a solution a — self-cleaning door handle! How does it work? A small reservoir inside sprays the handle with a strong disinfectant, killing the bad stuff instantly.

3. Advanced Lung Ventilator

This Covid Emergency Ventilator will help people breathe and disinfect the air in the room at the same time. It has a very simple structure and doesn’t require an engineering degree to assemble, and costs a fraction of the price. This ventilator may not be as efficient as the expensive version, but it’s better than nothing.

4. PhoneSoap

You know what gathers even more nasty germs than door handles? Your big-screen phone. It’s so easy for the bacteria and viruses to go from your dirty fingers to the phone and then straight to your face! Here’s a new gadget that will help you kill 99.9% of those pesky germs — PhoneSoap. Just place your phone inside the UV chamber and wait a few moments. Pure magic!

5. Sticker for COVID-19 Detection

The BioButton can be placed on the upper part of your chest to constantly monitor body temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate, activity levels, and sleep. The manufacturer, BioIntelliSense, claims that in a few days, BioButton can collect enough data to help determine if the patient has symptoms of possible coronavirus infection, even if they hadn’t noticed it yet.

6. Drone Deliveries

Delivery services have become an incredibly desirable investment in the past two years, and Manna’s drone delivery service has been trying to capitalize on this spike since last year. Their drones can carry small or medium items that can fit into a shoebox: meds, food, Pokemon cards, and other vital necessities.

7. New-Gen Smartwatches

Developers from the Withings company have unveiled their new amazing gadget called ScanWatch, which not only has a set of basic smartwatch functions but also combines two health monitoring features: it detects heart fibrillations and measures the level of oxygen in the blood during sleep. Thanks to these features, it is possible to identify apnea which can currently be diagnosed in patients during a sleep study that includes monitoring of respiration rate, heart rate, and brain activity. The watch also looks kinda snazzy and costs under 300 Euro.