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King Charles’ Battle With Cancer Has Changed Him Drastically


King Charles III has endured a lot in the past months. Despite his apparent swift recovery, his appearance paints a different story and shows us the toll his health took in this uneven battle with a nasty disease. Buckingham Palace officials have revealed that King Charles had been diagnosed with cancer in February of 2024. Remarkably, just a couple of months later, King Charles would be back to his public duties while still undergoing treatment.

When Charles appeared at a huge event (Trooping the Colour) wearing his royal garb on June 15, 2024, the royal enthusiasts had a collective sigh of relief. If you didn’t know about the cancer, you probably wouldn’t even notice that something had changed. However, one X (Twitter) user highlighted the significant difference in King Charles’s appearance from a year ago. His lean features and visible signs of exhaustion highlight the physical strain his aged body has endured. Despite all that, he continues to fulfill his royal responsibilities with unwavering dedication.

King Charles III attended the Order of the Garter ceremony shortly after his appearance at the Trooping the Colour. The Twitter user mentioned before was none other than Royal editor Emily Ferguson, who posted the “before and after” pictures of the King, comparing the 2023 and 2024 photos of him. Commenters quickly pointed out that the King appeared to have lost some weight, with some also noting a change in his complexion and a generally more frail appearance. The comparison between the two photos from both events reveals a striking difference. Although he is wearing his cool uniform in both photos, we can still distinctively tell that the King has aged and does not look as good. Age and cancer treatment do take their toll on King.

King Charles’s health condition has changed significantly, which means that now he can’t just ride on horseback in the parade, like he did in 2023. Instead, to make it easier on him, Charles took a more subdued role, following his doctors’ advice. His condition is not a joke, and he does need special care, so if you see King Charles chilling in the back of a limo, it’s not because he’s lazy. All this is needed to ensure his well-being while Charles continues to fulfill his royal responsibilities.