7 Things Your Blood Type Can Say About Your Body

Keep in mind that if your blood type has a predisposition to a certain disease, it does not mean that you will necessarily get sick. Remember to wash your hands, visit the doctor, and all that stuff to minimize the potential danger.

Top 9 Most Hilarious Red Carpet Wardrobe Malfunctions

Some celebs can go their whole lives without having a single red carpet wardrobe malfunction, while others seem to be cursed by faulty zippers and ripped dresses at every event. But the eyes of a good paparazzi see it all. Whatever unmentionable part of a star’s body had popped out, the best way to handle that potential oopsie would be to embrace it and laugh it off. 

What The Cast Of Bones Is Doing Today

Running for twelve seasons, Bones has seen its fair share of mediocre episodes, but fantastic actors have always been something the viewers would look forward to. Although it’s only been five years since the series finale, the man cast has already changed so much!

Why Melania Trump Never Had More Children After Barron

Contrary to what you’d expect from an ex-model, Melania Trump actually doesn’t like to be the center of attention that much and has decided to focus her time on keeping her family nice and happy. But if she’s all about being a family woman, why not have a few more lil’ Trumps running around the estate?