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Top 10 Most Quotable Phrases from Friends

Friends is one of those sitcoms where each episode has the potential to become iconic thanks to its writing and acting, which is why the number of catchphrases and quotable moments in this show is too damn high!

8 Incredible Things Sold for $1

What is one dollar worth to you? Well, to most people it’s just a pack of gum, but in certain cases even $1 can buy you something as crazy as your own house in Sicily or even a castle in Germany.

8 Most Iconic Award Show Moments

We’re counting down the most memorable and cringeworthy Award Show moments that people still talk about today. Get ready for a fun ride through the history of showbiz!

8 Hollywood Love Triangles Gone Wrong

Nothing good ever comes of infidelity, especially when we’re talking about celebrity love triangles. Their whole world is exposed, marriages get torn apart, and millions of losers on the internet judge them like they themselves wouldn’t pick Britney Spears over Shar Jackson.