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A Look at Kate Middleton’s Previous Relationships Before Meeting Prince William


Before her marriage to Prince William catapulted her into royal fame, Kate Middleton had a few notable relationships. Interestingly, she dated three guys before crossing paths with the future king at St. Andrews University. One of them even looked like a younger version of Prince William. Is that destiny or personal preference?

Either way, their love story kicks off back in their uni days at St. Andrews, where the couple started out as good friends who loved hanging out and cracking jokes before realizing they clicked on more levels than one. Middleton even admitted that she went all shy and red-faced the first time she met Prince William. Classic!

As they spent more time together, they got closer, sharing dorms, cooking meals, and basically being inseparable. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. They had their ups and downs, like that time they hit pause on their relationship because of all the media frenzy around them. But guess what? They bounced back stronger than ever.

Friendship turned into romance, and before you know it, Prince William’s standing on one knee, popping the question in the middle of Kenya with a ring that once belonged to his mom, Princess Diana. That’s the kind of proposal every girl dreams about.

But before becoming a princess, Middleton had three boyfriends. Her first known boyfriend was Willem Marx, whom she met at Marlborough College in 2000. Even though they had a brief relationship, it was fun and fresh, as most first stories go. Marx is now a journalist and happily married to Johanna Botta, a TV personality. By the way, if you were wondering where he was on Kate’s wedding day, he saw his former love walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey.

Next came Harry Blakelock, a guy Kate met during her gap year. This one wasn’t so naїve and happy with a lot of ups and downs, especially during their time together in Florence in 2001. This is exactly what happens when you’re hung up on someone who’s fooling around with others too much. According to Kate’s close friend, she was always talking about him and how she could get him back. That’s just pathetic, but the heart wants what it wants. In the end, nothing significant happened between them as they drifted apart, only to one day rekindle their love elsewhere.

Kate’s last ex-boyfriend was Rupert Finch, a law student at St. Andrews University. Finch loved sports, especially cricket, and so did Kate, so they shared that hobby at least. In addition to enjoying ball-smacking, they both came from upper-middle-class families. They were together for some time until Finch became a lawyer and later married Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs.

Fast forward to today: Kate and Prince William have been married for 12 years and have three adorable kids together: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. They’re the ultimate power couple, even though they don’t act like typical royals.

And that’s the story of how a regular girl became a princess, living happily ever after with her real-life Prince Charming.