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These Are The Largest Insects in the World

The world of bugs and insects is as magnificent as it is terrifying. When it comes to the small variants we’re usually okay in dealing with them, but most people prefer when the bigger bugs stay a safe distance away.

Top 13 Reasons Tardigrades Are Super Animals

In April 2019, thousands of dehydrated tardigrades, human DNA samples, and other cargo were sent to the Moon. But the pod crash-landed, and the project developers are convinced that these tiny organisms may be the only ones who survived the mission.

Goran Anastasovski’s Phenomenal Photos Of Wild Animals

Goran Anastasowski is a famous photographer. He knows a thing or two about wildlife photography and nature in general and has been making stunning portraits of wild animals around the world for years. From giraffes and horses to lions and monkeys – Goran loves taking pictures of all of them.

Cats in Places of Worship: They Still Don’t Care

In ancient Egypt, cats were revered to as gods, and even today, they like overseeing temples, churches, mosques, and other places of worship. Or maybe they just hang out there for warm shelter and free food, we can’t say for sure. Well, now there’s one more good reason to visit these shrines!