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Cats in Places of Worship: They Still Don’t Care


Ah, cats – furry little devils, the destroyers of everything that can be moved with their tiny paws of destruction. We just can’t get enough of them. No, seriously, how many cats are too many? They are living pretty much everywhere they want, and whoever feeds them gets to pet them and listen to the purring sounds of feline tranquility. That is, of course, if the cat feels like doing so.

But what if I told you that house cats are also highly spiritual animals? In ancient Egypt, they were revered to as gods, and even today, they like overseeing temples, churches, mosques, and other places of worship. Or maybe they just hang out there for warm shelter and free food, we can’t say for sure. Well, now there’s one more good reason to visit these shrines!

1. Carmina from Washington National Cathedral. She’s like a little Batman, so cute!

2. And this is a kitty from a mosque in Istanbul.

3. That looks like an Orthodox church, doesn’t it?

4. Here’s another cutie from Istanbul, this time from the Hagia Sophia.

5. It’s like he’s asking God for a life full of tasty treats.

6. This dude just has no chill. The cat obviously doesn’t care, though.

7. What a shot! What a model!

8. Buddha wouldn’t mind a little company.

9. Is it a god? Maybe a devil? Nope, just a regular catto.

10. Here’s an awesome cat near a Japanese Shinto temple.

11. More Hagia Sophia kitties! Is that the same one, or are they just siblings?

12. Medieval Cathedrals are a great shelter for cats.

13. Nikorai-do, aka the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Chiyoda, Tokyo, and its fluffy resident.

14. Ginger cats are the best, especially when they’re this adorable. Awww!

15. Same cat, but somehow, he’s even cuter? That’s illegal!

16. Of course, there would be cats hanging out on the top of the door. Little ninjas!

17. Sometimes our feline friends get so hungry they will do anything to grab a bite…

18. … regardless of whether it’s a temple in Japan or a monastery in Europe. There goes that dinner bell!

19. I’ve seen many pictures of cats sleeping on sitting statues, but this one has to be the loveliest.

20. Seems like this cat attends mass every week.

21. Isn’t that cute?!