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Humble Street Artist Fills Potholes With Colorful Mosaics

How many times during your daily walks have you seen a pothole on the road or pavement? In Lyon, France, there are so many of them, to the point that the city has a “pavement surgeon”! The urban artist’s name is Ememem, who loves filling cracks and potholes with colorful tile pieces, creating some beautiful intricate mosaic.

Disney As Famous Historical Paintings

If you’re a true fan of Disney you will never get tired of seeing new, reinvented and reimagined versions of your favorite characters. This time, we come to you with a creative idea that Spanish artist Carlos Gromo has come up with.

Thomas Kinkade Makes Amazing Disney Paintings

Disney movies have given moments of pure magic to everyone on this planet. They make you laugh, they make you cry, and they always give you a great story to remember forever. And let’s not forget the amazing visuals of them: whether you’re talking about the old movies or the newer ones, everything just looks amazing. But what if there’s a way to make them look even better?

Artist Behind Hilarious 50 Cent Murals Got Attacked

Inspiration is a mysterious thing that can strike in the strangest ways. Some artists find inspiration in nature, others in the art created by other artists, some people have dreams that inspire and some find it in the matters of the heart. The artist we’re going to tell you about today seems to have found a well of inspiration in the famous rapper 50 Cent.

Amsterdam Artist Adds Fun Sparkle To Nature

It’s times like these that make us re-evaluate our views on what’s important. How many of you have been thinking that they really didn’t go on enough walks, picnics in the park and camping trips in the forest or in the mountains? Are you wishing you went to the beach more and enjoyed swimming in the sea or the ocean more often? Year, we’re right there with you.