Artist Behind Hilarious 50 Cent Murals Got Attacked


Inspiration is a mysterious thing that can strike in the strangest ways. Some artists find inspiration in nature, others in the art created by other artists, some people have dreams that inspire and some find it in the matters of the heart. The artist we’re going to tell you about today seems to have found a well of inspiration in the famous rapper 50 Cent.

The artist is only known by his Instagram handle Lushsux and his passion lately has been painting murals of 50 Cent looking like other famous people. He’s done murals of 50 Cent looking like Mike Tyson, Post Malone, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and many other famous people.

At first it seemed like 50 Cent was amused by this artist. He would often share his Instagram posts and give this guy semi-sarcastic shoutouts on his account. There was even some praise where he wondered how Lushsux managed to do these murals so quick and make it look so easy. And if you think about it, it is pretty impressive how the artist manages to make these murals so quickly yet so well and the resemblance is uncanny even when he’s mixing celebs.

But that wonder soon turned into half-hearted irritation when murals of 50 Cent toothless, and 50 Cent looking like Taylor Swift showed up. The rapper has been jokingly saying that he’s annoyed and that the artist needs a whooping for doing that. 50 Cent also is confused as to why the artist chose him as his primary subject for murals.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt and, what do you know, that’s exactly what happened. It seems like some of the not so bright 50 Cent fans took his captions too seriously and decided to do his bidding. The mural artist recently posted on his Instagram that he has been attacked by 6 or 7 people while doing his latest 50 Cent mural. He ended up in a hospital and posted a picture of his pillow with traces of blood on it.

He says it’s not the first time he’s gotten in trouble because of this and he doesn’t like to bring up the bad stuff but this seemed like a good opportunity to point out that some people take his art way too seriously and get violent with him. All because he makes fun of 50 Cent in his art.

While 50 Cent caught wind of the artist getting hurt and immediately posted on his Instagram and distanced himself from the accident. He shared a mural of himself done by Lushsux and captioned it with “🤭the artist got 👊in the 😆that wasn’t me i didn’t do that. 😠” (the artist got punched in the face and it wasn’t me i didn’t do it).

He later on shared another post and wished the mural artist to get well. It seems like 50 Cent isn’t against promoting the artist, even if he does find some of his art quite weird and puzzling.

Lushsux himself says he’s not going to stop because doing murals makes him happy and his creations make other people chuckle. So why would he stop? He’s just trying to have some fun and spread joy and if some people don’t get it, well, it’s their problem, he’s going to keep doing his thing.