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Artist Behind Hilarious 50 Cent Murals Got Attacked

Inspiration is a mysterious thing that can strike in the strangest ways. Some artists find inspiration in nature, others in the art created by other artists, some people have dreams that inspire and some find it in the matters of the heart. The artist we’re going to tell you about today seems to have found a well of inspiration in the famous rapper 50 Cent.

Crazy Expensive Things That Taylor Swift Owns

It’s no surprise to anyone that Taylor Swift has earned a pretty penny throughout her career in music. And with a hefty bank account come some perks that are unobtainable for us regular mortals, like bathing in extreme luxury.

Ed Sheeran’s 8 Best Collaborations

Ed Sheeran is the ultimate hero for ginger boys who thought they could never be popular with the girls and the ultimate heartthrob for women who love sentimental men who aren’t afraid to show their softer side. He’s not only managed to write incredible songs and take part in some pretty spectacular projects but he also got to collab with some of the biggest musical stars.