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Ed Sheeran’s 8 Best Collaborations


Ed Sheeran is the ultimate hero for ginger boys who thought they could never be popular with the girls and the ultimate heartthrob for women who love sentimental men who aren’t afraid to show their softer side. Perhaps that’s the perfect combo for musical world domination or maybe Ed just got lucky, but you can’t doubt his talent and his popularity. He’s not only managed to write incredible songs and take part in some pretty spectacular projects but he also got to collab with some of the biggest musical stars. Let’s take a look at Ed Sheeran’s best collaborations.

Perfect ft. Beyonce

Getting Beyonce to do a duet with you isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially when you’re a ginger dude from England who looks a bit like Ron Weasley. But Ed Sheeran is proof that nothing is impossible if you put enough work into it. And when you consider that it wasn’t him doing a bit on Beyonce’s song, but instead he got Beyonce to duet with him on his song – it’s even more impressive.

River ft. Eminem

Who hasn’t wanted about a collab with Eminem? Ed clearly has been dreaming about it for a while. And honestly, we never thought it would be Ed Sheeran who would get to do it. They’re just so different we couldn’t quite see that coming. But what can you do? If it works – it works. And this was clearly a success. In fact, when it came out, the song topped the charts, replacing Ed Sheeran’s other single – Perfect.

Dark Times ft. The Weeknd

A dark and rather depressing song that Ed Sheeran did with The Weekend isn’t exactly making us jump for joy, but as a collab we think it was good. In fact, if you think about it, it’s kind of fitting. Ed Sheeran’s thing is all about making girls weep, and be it joy or sadness doesn’t really matter.

I Was Made For Loving You Ft. Tori Kelly

A classic ballad is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Ed Sheeran so him doing a duet with Tory Kelly and singing about being made for loving you is more than enough to make girls all over the world swoon from the emotional overload. Their gentle voices worked so well together in this song we’re kind of surprised they didn’t collab sooner.

Everything Has Changed ft. Taylor Swift

If we’re being honest we were all waiting for this to happen. Both Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are very talented and both are great at writing love songs, so seeing them work together made perfect sense and resulted in a very sweet song. The fact that the two have been good friends for a while only adds to the mushy feelings this song evokes from the fans.

All About It ft. Hoodie Allen

You might’ve not heard of this one just because Hoodie Allen isn’t quite on the same level as Beyonce or Taylor Swift, but if you want to see and hear Ed Sheeran just having fun and trying his hand at rapping – this is the song for you. It’s fun, it’s sweet, it’s funny and the music video is hilarious too.

Growing Up Fr. Macklemore

Growing up is another chance for Ed’s fans to hear him show off his singing range. He doesn’t rap in this one, but his singing is what makes this song so much more heartfelt and sweeter than Macklemore already did with his lyrics, and boy those lyrics will make you want to call your dad or wish you had a dad like that.

Lay It All On Me ft. Rudimental

It’s not Ed’s song but since Ed is the only one singing you might start thinking it is. It’s a very different vibe to his usual songs, less acoustic, more upbeat and the electric sound definitely add a little oomph and more energy to the track. All in all a great collab in every regard.