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15 Times T-Shirts Went Too Hard

The internet has a peculiar ability to make someone famous or unpopular without ever mentioning who that person is or where they are from. However, viral fame is still fame.

15 Staggering Pics That Will Make You Look Twice

At first glance, it seems that these photos have been photoshopped, but in reality, this is usually not the case. The trick lies in using unexpected angles, hidden context, and sometimes just absolute randomness.

14 Amazing Examples of Towel Origami Art

Towel origami, or simply “towel animals,” has become quite a popular trend in recent years. This fad seems to have touched almost every self-respecting hotel or cruise liner in our civilized society.

25 Hilarious 2021 Inauguration Day Memes

For some reason, even days after the big event, people are still talking about fashion choices, but not Biden’s or JLo’s style. This time it was Bernie freaking Sanders’s old winter jacket and knitted mittens, turning the Vermont senator into a fresh new meme on the Internet.