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15 Captivating and Quirky Creations from Extraordinary Thinkers


Without curious, inquisitive minds, humanity would not have reached the level of development it is at today. Not all ideas are born equal, but even the most basic concepts can change a person’s life or even the whole of society. From making creative cosplay to developing unique kids’ plate concepts – the human mind is our biggest advantage in this world, so don’t discard any ideas, no matter how unnecessary you think they are.

Here are 15 captivating and quirky creations from extraordinary thinkers.

1. The president and his bodyguards

Okay, not really. I lied. Unless he’s the president of a chess club, those are just friends being funny at Disneyworld.

2. Table serving for dummies

Do you keep misplacing spoons, forks, and other utensils? Never know which one goes on which side of the plate? With these genius schematics, you can finally relax and follow the instructions!

3. Tulip chair

A perfect foldable chair doesn’t exist, you say? Prepare to be proven wrong! These bad boys are not only comfy, but they’re also very aesthetically pleasing to look at.

4. Perfect park bench

Someone genius thought of everything when they designed this bench. No rough edges, plenty of sitting space, and you can even use it for work!

5. “A bit more” button

Here’s an innovation that deserves a Nobel prize. You could put it on your air frier, your toaster, or any other kitchen appliance.

6. Kids’ plates

These fun plates will turn your kid’s meal into a game – the perfect solution for parents tired of throwing tantrums during dinner.

7. Ice cream cone rotator

Tired of using your wrist to turn the ice cream cone like some kind of a monkey? No need for that anymore. This neat gadget’s got you covered!

8. Quack muzzles

What do ducks and dogs have in common? Well, first of all, they’re cute as heck, and secondly, with this quack muzzle, they’ll be indistinguishable from one another!

9. Umbrella water gun

It looks like an ordinary umbrella, but it also collects water into a special tube. Rainwater flows down through it and loads the squirt gun in the handle. How brilliant is this?

10. Hole rug

Optical illusions are neat, but having a rug with a seemingly bottomless pit in it is much cooler. Throw it on the floor and watch your pet freak out!

11. Wool robin

Creating such detailed objects like this robin here out of wool is nothing short of miraculous.

12. Chandelier earrings

You can call them chandelier earrings, but in my world, they’re “chandelearrings.”

13. Anti-pollution

Every time you look at this anti-pollution installation, you get more and more thirsty.

14. Peter Pan and his shadow

It takes more than steady hands to develop creative cosplay. And this Peter Pan/Shadow Pan duo is truly gorgeous!

15. Arthur’s Fist cosplay

Memes are everywhere these days, but how do you cosplay a funny picture on the internet? Turns out, it’s all about letting your creativity guide your hand.