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Hilarious Summer Vacation Fails That Will Make You Laugh


Ah yes, the covid thing is almost over and done with so we can start traveling the world again. Haven’t we all looked forward to that? It’s the perfect time of year too, we can go visit someplace sunny and get those bathing suits out for their time to shine. Just, y’know, try not to make a fool of yourself. The internet never forgets.

Like these lovely ladies that got photobombed by a stingray. Suddenly that stringray looks like he’s the only living creature actually happy to be there, which just isn’t the kind of vacation vibe you’re looking for.

Then there’s also this young woman who figured the Olympics are a relevant thing right now so she’d give her attempt at some acrobatics. The Faceplant, as this move is called in the business, sadly never gets many points from the professional juries. 

Stingrays are going to be the least of your worries when you’re walking around carrying food. Suddenly you’ll get ganged up on by a bunch of monkeys, and you know they’re relentless when it comes to taking your stuff. That’s never going to be a good situation.

This lady clearly didn’t look at her kid for a split second and she wound up doing her best Superman impression before inevitably falling down into the water in the most painful of ways.

Sometimes, vacations are just the perfect time to go napping. You’ve been working hard all year and you need a few weeks to unwind and catch up on all that quality sleeping time. Just make sure you check the water levels before you doze off, because this gentleman is just a powerful wave away from getting his cheap plastic chair knocked from underneath him. Trust me, that is not how you want to wake up.

Getting back to the keeping an eye on your kids thing: also hang on to them if you’re going to swing them around for that fun family photo. This kid is about to win the gold medal in the under 12 months tumbling division and his mom looks none too relaxed about it.

If you really do want to rent a nice yacht to live that jetset lifestyle for a couple of days, make sure you actually know how to maneuver it so you don’t end up on the rocksides like this lovely fellow did. Boats are expensive, you really don’t want to spend your money on stupidity.

And whatever you do: use plenty of sunscreen. And don’t go crying when you find yourself horribly burnt. It’s on you, really. 

And don’t forget, when going out on an adventure, always keep an eye on your kids!