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8 Scariest Monsters in Horror Movies


There are a lot of iconic horror movie monsters, but some just feel way scarier than others. The so-called “creature features” have always been a popular subgenre of horror movies, and several deadly monsters have left their mark on history, becoming staples of pop culture for years to come. Many of them rose to fame without getting much screen time, mostly lurking in the shadows or only appearing for a few minutes at a time. Yet somehow, despite all that, these terrifying entities have people shaking in their boots.

Here are some of the most iconic horror movie monsters that will scare the living daylights out of you!

1. Death Angels from the Quiet Place
A Quiet Place by John Krasinski is a tense thriller about one family’s post-apocalyptic battle against an alien species that hunts down all living things using its super-hearing, forcing the survivors to be as quiet as possible. The creatures have a very unique design, with twisted shapes and large “ears” that open from the sides of their heads. They are both extremely cool and deadly, which is exactly how we like it!

2. Graboids from Tremors
Tremors tells the story of two handymen living in a small town in Nevada, who come across the body of an old friend and soon learn that there are deadly creatures living underground that prey on the townspeople. Tremors, akin to Jaws and It, intentionally conceals the creatures for the majority of the story to heighten suspense and preserve a sense of mystery, yet upon their eventual revelation, the audience yearns for more. That’s probably why there are multiple sequels.

3. John Carpenter’s Thing
An unknown alien life form that assimilates with other critters and constantly evolves? Yeah, that’s gonna leave a mark on people’s psyches. It’s smart, deadly, and can play mind games with its ability to take control of anyone’s body. John Carpenter created the perfect monster that still manages to make viewers feel anxious and scared.

4. Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street
Freddy used to be a regular murderer, but after being burned in a furnace, he managed to be “reborn” as an all-powerful dream eater. Freddy Krueger scared countless brave viewers back in the day, to the point where some were having trouble sleeping. This is likely because dreams, when a person is most vulnerable, manifest his limitless power.

5. Xenomorphs from Alien
Xenomorph is a true benchmark of a well-thought-out and balanced monster that can keep things fresh and terrifying no matter how many times you’ve seen it. After watching the film, some viewers were so scared of the vents that they couldn’t function properly. This cunning, deadly, otherworldly hunter is the pinnacle of monster design.

6. The Entity from It Follows
A cult classic in the making, It Follows features a frightening supernatural entity that constantly changes shape and pursues its next victim no matter where they go. We don’t even know what it looks like, and yet the relentless pursuit of its target will give you the creeps. Sometimes, it looks like an ordinary person; other times, it’s invisible yet still tangible, which means that the victim never truly knows whether the entity is close or if it’s just a random guy on the subway, leaving them trapped in a state of perpetual fear.

7. The Human-Fly Hybrid from The Fly
David Cronenberg, the guy who basically started the whole body horror hype train, is the mastermind behind one of the freakiest movie monsters ever. After an experiment with a teleportation device goes wrong, Seth starts turning into this messed-up hybrid of a human and a fly that he calls the “Brundlefly.” Throughout the film, Seth gets more and more gross-looking, making it seriously hard for people to watch.

8. Pennywise From It
The popular novel by Stephen King, It, was adapted into two movies starting in 2017, starring Bill Skarsgård as the evil clown Pennywise. The sight of a red balloon became a symbol of fear after It first appeared on screen in 1990. Many people now make an effort to avoid getting too close to storm drains, fearing they’ll get sucked in. The worst part is that Pennywise can shapeshift into things that people fear the most, making him the ultimate terror master on this list.