Baboy Is The Goodest Boi Of Them All

It can be hard to make a point in modern society. It seems like everyone has an opinion and everyone’s vocal about something. But we never seem to listen to the animals. Baboy is about to change that. Als known as the “Dog With Sign”, this dog has an Instagram page where you can follow his travels and his political message.

The Guy Silently Protests Against Everything Annoying (17 Photos)

This prankster’s name is Seth, and he believes that if people don’t stand up for their beliefs, they’re just being controlled but the powers that be. Perhaps you won’t be able to relate to all of his protests signs, but you’ll surely understand some of them. Just like with every great protest, the context matters a lot, so pay attention to where he’s located and what he’s protesting against.

15 Hilarious Family Christmas Photos

Nobody wants to see your happiness on Christmas! You gotta show everyone just how nuts you are, so we know you’re actually normal. It’s counter-intuitive, but it works, trust me.

Weird Christmas Gifts That Your Friends Will Actually Love

Christmas can be a testing time of the year, since you have to cherry-pick gifts for everyone around you to prove that you know their deepest, darkest desires. Nobody wants to be the “bad gift” guy, and there’s a few easy ways to avoid that. The obvious solution is to not give anyone any gifts at all, but that’s probably not very nice. Taking the weird route is often a better solution.

8 Weirdest Jobs That You Can Apply For | Brain Berries

8 Weirdest Jobs That You Can Apply For

Most people are content with normal jobs. But if you’re looking for something that truly sets you apart from the rest, check out these 8 actual jobs that are totally weird.

18 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas | Brain Berries

18 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

You have your usual suspects like Lady GaGa, Spider-Man, Game of Thrones characters, but there are also these strange people dressed as Snapchat filters, beer-pong tables, and other outrageously fun-looking things!

8 Stereotypes About Russians That Drive Them Nuts

Russia is far too complex to fit any particular stereotype. Not sure what to believe? We’re here to serve up a delicious dish of truth! Here are just of the few misconceptions that people have about the country.

7 Most Awe-Inspiring Heroic Deaths in Movies | Brain Berries

Max Siedentopf Tests The Limits of Passport Photos

We’ve all had experience with having your passport photo taken, and it’s rarely been a good experience. It’s honestly the most boring and unflattering way to have your picture taken and probably the only situation in your life where you’re not allowed to smile. Sounds like a good subject for a photography series, right?