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The Guy Silently Protests Against Everything Annoying (17 Photos)


There are so many things we would usually protest against in this world, like politics, lack of diversity, racism, etc., but that’s just too broad for some people. Have you ever felt fed up with the smallest of bull-scraps around you. For example, the air-to-chips ratio in your favorite snacks, strange behavior of people in social networks, or the notorious Mercury retrograde… Most of us are used to these annoying things and have found ways to cope with them. But there are brave souls out there who slam their foot in the door, declaring their decisive “no!” – like this guy from New York, the man behind the Instagram account “Dude With Sign”.

The prankster’s name is Seth, and he believes that if people don’t stand up for their beliefs, they’re just being controlled but the powers that be. Perhaps you won’t be able to relate to all of his protests signs, but you’ll surely understand some of them. Just like with every great protest, the context matters a lot, so pay attention to where he’s located and what he’s protesting against.

The project is, of course, meant to be taken as a joke but with a slightly serious subtext. And it looks like his cardboard picket signs are actually helping him to unite people!

Here are some of his best sign and me trying to ruin them. Go!

1. “Put more chips in the bag!” – Actually don’t, because then your chips will all be smashed.

2. Charging $15for a bowl of salad should be illegal – Making money on the internet should not be legal either then!

3. “Stop standing up when the plane lands” – Maybe they need to go to the toilet.

4. “Halloween and Thanksgiving come first – Okay, you got me there. Playing Last Christmas in September should be considered a crime against humanity.

5. “There should be snow days for work.” – Sure, tell that to the police, the firefighters, and the hospital staff.

6. “Daylight saving makes no sense.” – Sure it does, it save precious daylight time.

7. “Stop posting entire concerts on your story – Don’t tell people how to live their lives?

8. “Yes, Grandma, I’m still single – Same.

9. “Stop Replying-to-all” to company-wide emails– Unless it’s important information. Which it never is.

10. “Stop using group pics for your dating profile– They’re just insecure, it’s fine.

11. “Guac should be free.” – This is not communism, comrade.

12. Nobody cares about your Spotify” – The artists do.

13. “No more streaming services, please.” – More streaming services, please, so the prices would go down.

14. “Names are not that hard to spell– Tell that to Xzavier or Siobhan.

15. “Stop sending me memes from private accounts” – Those were some spicy memes, dude!

16. “Seinfeld is much better than Friends” – Can’t argue with that.

17. “Why does it feel like Mercury is always in retrograde?” – Because some dude is standing on the street holding a silly sign!