10 Songs to Make Washing Your Hands More Fun


We all know that COVID-19 hates clean hands. This is why we all need to do our duty and wash our hands every time we leave or come home. It only takes like 20 seconds for the soap to kill those 99.9% germs (which includes coronaviruses as well). But have you ever wondered what the right way to scrub your hands is?

Many experts and amateurs have demonstrated in countless videos on the Internet where you should scrub, for how long, and all that good stuff. Also, instead of counting down 20 seconds, you could just sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. But that tune gets old really fast, so how about some more modern hits instead?

You can do any song you personally like, really, as long as the chorus is about 20-25 seconds long. In fact, I would not be surprised if there are already top 100 hits for washing hands on Spotify and Apple music. But today you’ll get some really good song suggestions, and not your poppy bull hockey.

See below the songs that have short choruses to help you wash those mitts and eliminate any rogue coronavirus from entering your body. Feel free to add these magnificent songs to your playlist!