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New Symptoms of COVID-19 Revealed by CDC

The lockdown is still going strong in many countries, including the US. We thought we’ve already figured out what this coronavirus does to a human body, but it appears that there was still much we still had to figure out.

Chinese School Kids Wearing Strange Anti-COVID Hats

After the coronavirus pandemic had simmered down in China, the people gradually started to return to normal life. At the same time, the schools still aren’t 100% safe just yet, and some new and, quite frankly, strange preventive measures are being used to keep the kids healthy.

Ways in Which Corona Might Permanently Change Our Lives

There’s a lot that can be said about the covid-19 pandemic, but not that it isn’t making us reevaluate much of our daily lives. While it’s hard to try and account for all the ways in which our lives could change once this all blows over, here’s a few aspects of our lives that might never be the same again – for better or for worse

COVID-19 Graffiti Art From Around The Globe

We’re all going through it at the same time. There won’t be a person in the world who doesn’t know about it or haven’t lived through this. Even now some virus outbreak movies hit differently. And lots of art is already being created, take a look at these coronavirus graffiti all over the world.

10 Songs to Make Washing Your Hands More Fun

We all know that COVID-19 hates clean hands. This is why we all need to do our duty and wash our hands every time we leave or come home. It only takes like 20 seconds for the soap to kill those 99.9% germs (which includes coronaviruses as well). But have you ever wondered what the right way to scrub your hands is?

Tiger in the Bronx Zoo Infected with COVID-19

You know things with the COVID-19 pandemic are getting worse when you hear about animals contracting it. So far, we knew that they could be transferring the disease, like everyone else, but other than that, our furry friends were in the safe zone. However, everything’s changed after an infected but still asymptomatic Bronx Zoo worker came in contact with a tigress named Nadia.

3 Crazy Conspiracy Theories Surrounding COVID-19

Seeing how a new strain of coronavirus is spreading around the world, a lot of fake news and conspiracy theories about the outbreak have appeared. So what is this virus? A secret biological weapon, evil machinations of the Pentagon to stop the growth of the Chinese economy, or maybe it’s just a mutated virus?

These Celebrities Are Virtually Giving Back To Make The Covid-19 Quarantine More Bearable

Whether you’re black, white, rich, poor or anything in between – we’re all affected by Covid-19. It doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t hold back. Some people that are playing a huge role in keeping society together are celebrities. While they can’t actively do much to perform in their regular jobs anymore, they’re using the magic of internet to connect with people and bring some joy to our lives.

Fighting Fire With Fire: COVID-19 Vs. 35 Viral Memes!

The outbreak of the coronavirus has been officially declared a pandemic. More and more countries are tightening their security measures by closing borders, quarantining entire cities and states, and even shutting down all air and land communications. However, while the tension in the world is growing, Internet users are doing their best to ward off the panic. Quarantine or not, the spicy memes have to flow! They will not help you cure the coronavirus, but they can definitely make you feel better.

Events That Have Been Cancelled Because Of COVID 19

The Novel Coronavirus now also known as COVID 19 is wreaking havoc not only with everyone’s physical health, but it’s bringing us down mentally because of the self-isolation, financially because of all the economical loses countries will face because of lockdowns and quarantines, and now morally since all of our favourite events are being cancelled to avoid crowds and subsequent spreading of the virus. Let’s talk about the events that got cancelled because of the coronavirus.

Quarantined Italians Fight Boredom By Serenading From The Balconies

After the authorities declared quarantine in Italy about a week ago, due to the high amount of people infected with the COVID-19, the land of pizza and pepperoni went into a deep and depressive slumber. Until the day, a group of fine lads decided to cheer up their neighbors by singing songs on their balconies!

How To Survive A Deadly Pandemic

Unless you’ve been really actively avoiding the news, you’ve probably heard of this virus called Covid-19 that’s taking over the world. It’s got everything you’d expect from a regular old flu, only that it’s way more contagious and slightly more lethal. You might be asking yourself how you might survive a virus like that, but we’ve got just the tips that will help you.