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Chinese School Kids Wearing Strange Anti-COVID Hats


After the coronavirus pandemic had simmered down in China, the people gradually started to return to normal life. In mid-April, public institutions and parks opened in many provinces, and school classes resumed on April 27. This is great because now the parents can finally get some work done and make money for their families. At the same time, the schools still aren’t 100% safe just yet, and some new and, quite frankly, strange preventive measures are being used to keep the kids healthy.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. In one of the schools in Hangzhou, students are now required to wear not only protective masks but also homemade hats that provide a few feet of distance between them as a safety measure. The administration hopes this will help prevent the possible spread of coronavirus.

You’re probably trying to remember where else have you seen similar hats. I know I was, and the answer is – Chinese history. Similar headwear was used by officials of the Song Empire (960 – 1279 AD). However, back in those days, the long thingies poking out on the sides were supposed to prevent people from whispering. No whispers, no chances of starting a conspiracy against the throne, right?

The kids’ parents made all these anti-COVID hats from whatever materials were lying around, and therefore you can clearly see they are not all uniform in design and style. Some have cute decorations; others are clearly made from beer cartons, there’s no rhyme or reason. But you know what they say on social media: if it looks stupid but works, it ain’t stupid! And the internet agrees.

This idea is slowly spreading and going viral, and we may see more school kids around the world wear these fancy hats very soon. What’s your take on this new Chinese innovation?