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Quarantined Italians Fight Boredom By Serenading From The Balconies


After the authorities declared quarantine in Italy about a week ago, due to the high amount of people infected with the COVID-19, the land of pizza and pepperoni went into a deep and depressive slumber. Until the day, a group of fine lads decided to cheer up their neighbors by singing songs on their balconies!

According to the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, the flashmob was initially organized by the Italian poet Lorenzo Coche. Every day since March 13 he’s been urging his fellow brethren to go out on balconies and terraces to sing, play various instruments, and do whatever it takes to lift their spirits.

Lorenzo wants to do it for the heroes who are saving lives in Italy and for the rest of humanity to take notes. According to several journalists, Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, and other cities have already joined the flashmob. Italians sing the national anthem, serenades, and of course, modern pop hits.

There are tons of videos on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, which you can easily find yourself, but here are the two best compilations we’ve seen so far.

A whole country of bards, would you look at that!

However, singing is not the only thing they’ve been doing to boost each other’s mood. Among other flashmobs are hanging on the balconies banners with optimistic writings, lighting candles on the windowsills, and clap like crazy at the agreed time.

Is your neighborhood doing any of these fun things? Maybe you’re the one to start this trend in your local community, then. Either way, don’t forget to stay at home, avoid big groups of people, and wash your hands!