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Quarantined Italians Fight Boredom By Serenading From The Balconies

After the authorities declared quarantine in Italy about a week ago, due to the high amount of people infected with the COVID-19, the land of pizza and pepperoni went into a deep and depressive slumber. Until the day, a group of fine lads decided to cheer up their neighbors by singing songs on their balconies!

9 Amazing Destinations You’ll Want to Visit in the Winter

When the snow starts to fall and the chilly wind begins to blow, you just want to stay at home and wrap yourself in blankets, right? No! You want to get out there and make the most of the winter wonderland destinations both near and far. But with so many to choose from, where should you go?

10 Countries that Have the Most Fun! | Brain Berries

10 Countries that Have the Most Fun!

We all want to experience joy and have fun as often as possible. Not all of us have the opportunity to really make that happen, though. Sometimes it’s a personal thing, sometimes it’s a lack of friends who share your interests, but you have to admit — sometimes it’s the environment you’re in! I’m not saying that moving to another country is going to change your life and make you have more fun. What I’m about to do is just share a list of the 10 countries where people have the most fun!