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A New Designer Space Helmet Is Here to Protect You From the Coronavirus for Just $199


A new invention has recently popped up on the market — the MicroClimate Air helmet. It is an alternative to the uncomfortable face masks recommended during the coronavirus pandemic. But unlike those masks, it looks funny and ridiculous, which leads to some hilarious memes.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the idea of ​​creating this bizarre helmet belongs to entrepreneur Michael Hall. The concept for MicroClimate Air came to his mind when he went skiing with his kids. Sometimes kids can be actually useful. Who knew?

When he talked to his children on the ski lift, their faces were completely covered with shawl scarves and winter gear. As you know, our warm and moist breath can quickly turn any scarf or goggles into a damp and cold mess. So Michael came up with the idea for ​​headwear, which will create a “microclimate” around the head.

MicroClimate Air is made of fabric and a transparent acrylic “window” for the face. The helmet has a built-in ventilation system utilizing powerful filters. The manufacturing company assures that the glass does not fog up, and the fabric is easily washed, and you’ll probably be cleaning it quite often. You can get this futuristic novelty item for a mere $199.

It’s all fine and dandy, but in everyday life, the helmet will look quite bizarre, to put it mildly. But it will most likely tickle the fancy of those who want to look like they just stepped off of a Star Trek movie set.

Here are some of the funniest reactions to this important new invention.

  1. Serenity now! We’re getting closer to the day of the apocalypse.

2. We wish, Donnie, we wish.

3. This is exactly what would happen if I had this thing on.

4. I bet you couldn’t get that PS5 either, am I right?

5. Aw, snap, you don’t have 200 bucks for a personal air filtration system? Haha, poor!

6. I can imagine the board meetings and those unfortunate few who can’t afford the helmet.