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Fighting Fire With Fire: COVID-19 Vs. 35 Viral Memes!


The outbreak of the coronavirus has been officially declared a pandemic. More and more countries are tightening their security measures by closing borders, quarantining entire cities and states, and even shutting down all air and land communications. In short, COVID-19 is testing our survival skills and adaptability as hard as it can.

However, while the tension in the world is growing, Internet users are doing their best to ward off the panic. Quarantine or not, the spicy memes have to flow! They will not help you cure the coronavirus, but they can definitely make you feel better.

The “work from home,” the toilet paper, the sanitizers, and everything in between – we’ve got all the best coronavirus outbreak memes! Before going any further, go disinfect your mouse, keyboard, and phone and wash your hands. Otherwise no memes for you!

One roll = 50 bucks. It’s a bargain, trust me!

Who needs gold when you don’t have the bare necessities?

If you don’t have a sanitizer these days, you’re screwed.

Now that’s a BioHazard I’d love to play!

Purell companies, we salute you.

Get to scrubbing, ladies and gentlemen.

Africa right now be like:

Working from home is not all that easy…

More toilet paper memes!

Coronavirus impact on fashion be like!

That poor bastard better run straight out of the plain!

You’ll see. You’ll ALL see!

AirPods? Pfff, get out, boomer, there’s a new sheriff in town.

The jokes write themselves at this point.

Remember always to use a tissue.

Earth’s history is full of cycles, recursions, and repetitions.

When you’re an Aussie and love to surf, even COVID-19 won’t stop you.

I have no idea how this would work with big groups of students.

“We’ll give you 3,000 and not a penny more!”

Two men enter – one man leaves.

All right, now it makes sense.

Your prince is waiting for you on the balcony of another castle.

Every freelancer out there is silently nodding in agreement.

If the experts said it, then it shall be so.

If the COVID outbreak happened a few decades earlier:

You’re doing God’s work, memers.

Relatable much?

With each day, we’re sinking deeper and deeper into the corona-bog.

All flights were canceled? Well, now what do you do?

One of them is an idiot; the other one’s a troll.

I bet the pilot will be using a flight simulator.

No Purell? Then go to hell!

A queen is a queen no matter where she works from.

Team chat during the quarantine be like:

Will Corona beer change their name to avoid association with the Coronavirus outbreak?