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17 Relatable Baby Yoda Memes to Brighten Your Dark Side


With the launch of Disney+ streaming service came the Mandalorian. Remember the badass bounty hunter Boba Fett from “Star Wars”? He got extremely popular thanks to his attitude and quickly became a fan-favorite for decades to come. Thanks to that popularity, Disney made a show about a Mandalorian. No, it’s not about Boba Fett. Or maybe it is, we don’t know yet. That’s neither here nor there, because you’re here for the baby Yoda memes, am I right?

So who’s baby Yoda and where did he come from? We know less than nothing story-wise, but the viewers have found themselves a new Star Wars mascot, it seems. It’s tiny, it’s cute, and it eats frogs (at least I hope it was a frog) for breakfast!

I always knew Yoda was a god and here’s the proof.

Are you sure you’re 500 years old, son?

Cats are real pricks. First they ignore you and they you can’t get rid of them.

Every. Damn. Time.

If you can’t relate to this one, you’re not human.

Can I flip now? How about now?

The crew is waiting, mom!

Oh, honey, he just wants to get the yak milk fresh, don’t worry.

Hormones and alcohol will do that to a person.

Have you ever wondered how the Yoda’s species procreated? Me neither. *clears search history*

Baby Yoda is quite literally everywhere these days.

Don’t you dare compare this green snot to Gizmo!

Now that’s more like it.

Crossover memes are the best.

To hate anger leads, this remember you must.

To all the D&D nerds out there: stop crewing up DM’s plans!

Bet you 10 Imperial credits that baby Yoda will be a bad guy in the end.