13 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Memes That Will Soothe Your Lonely Soul


Every year on February 14, citizens of the World Wide Web start preparing for what’s to come later in the evening. The entire planet is divided into two camps: those who post pictures of fancy candies and fabulous flower bouquets on Instagram and those who dream of half-off chocolates while posting memes about St.Valentine’s Day.

It’s safe to say that there’s one more camp out there – people who enjoy both the dating part and the memes. That’s you, dear readers! You either laugh at them or with them. And for being awesome like that, we’ve prepared a few hilarious St.Valentine’s Day memes for you!

That moment when Harry Potter predicted your personal future.

Love thyself, beautiful humans, and don’t forget to hydrate.

Some people prefer nagging about their failed love life instead of embracing their freedom.

The best Valentine cards are those that hurt you the most. Like this one!

A little self-reflection never hurt anyone, right?

Ah, yes, I too have a date!

This thing just keeps going for 24 hours!

Having a plan is half the battle. The other half would be a horrible stomach ache the next day.

You can’t spell Valentine’s without “pizza rolls”.

 There’s the genius advice we’ve all been waiting for: cheap chocolate!

 Ghosts are everywhere, in case you didn’t know.

 No-no, please don’t cry! You’ll find someone one day … maybe?

 Gotta love the English language and these wholesome puns.