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Baboy Is The Goodest Boi Of Them All


It can be hard to make a point in modern society. It seems like everyone has an opinion and everyone’s vocal about something. But we never seem to listen to the animals. Baboy is about to change that. Als known as the “Dog With Sign”, this dog has an Instagram page where you can follow his travels and his political message.

You can see that there are some strong point of views being shared here, which we clearly haven’t been taking into account when dealing with what we humans consider to be problems. Maybe dogs truly have a finger on the pulse of society. I know this dog does, I agree with almost all of his points.

It’s clear that dogs have different priorities than us humans, but that doesn’t mean that either race is right and the other is automatically wrong. Maybe life would be better if all races tried to pay more attention to one another and stop pretending like they know best. It’s not like inventing all kinds of impressive technology gives you any reason to assume you’re better than a race that can instantly tell all personal information of someone else just by smelling their pee. They’re different skills, but both useful.