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Girl Makes Dolphin Laugh

A dolphin and a human: one of them is doing tricks while the other looks on amused. If you think you know which one is which, think again.   When this girl decided to practice gymnastics in front of an aquarium full of dolphins, she...

Cooking Fails - Expectations VS Reality

Cooking Fails: Expectations VS Reality

We can’t say for sure why these cooking fails happen so often, especially when we try to whipup something special in the kitchen and hope that it’s gonna be fine. People can find inspiration everywhere; it can be in Pinterest or from different culinary shows...

15 Most Awkward Gym Moments 3

14 Most Awkward Gym Moments

Harder, better, faster, stronger but safety’s first! Gym is a place where you can slash a few pounds of fat, work on your biceps and skip a leg day. Needless to say that most of gym-goers aren’t professional athletes, we’re just regular people who try...

The 20 Cutest & Funniest Animal GIFs Ever

We like animal GIFs, you like animal GIFs, everyone likes animal GIFs! Regardless if they’re goofy, adorable or acting like real a-holes (looking at you, cats), these guys make internet a better place, so without further ado, dig in!