18 Biggest Online Shopping FAILS

Yay, online shopping! Where previous generations had to spend entire afternoons running from store to store in hopes of finding that one item they were looking for, the internet has once again made life significantly easier for all of us. In most cases, let’s assume the vast majority, these transactions are completely flawless. Luckily for us, sometimes the transaction goes completely south…

Surfing + Cosplay = EPIC WIN!

There’s this awesome annual surfing event in Santa Monica, California, where people dress up and cosplay as all sorts of weird characters and historical figures and hit the waves. There are no losers here, only winners and tons of fun!

21 Most Hilarious “How People Shower” Memes

A few years back, this guy Arthur made a short Vine sketch about how British people shower. Using the most British of the stereotypes – tea – he showed himself showering with teabags. Because how else are you supposed to do it? And now, when the Internet has finally caught up to this trend, other people around the world started sharing their stereotypical showering habits in a form of this hilarious meme.

12 Of The Best Celebrity Reactions To Paparazzi

We often envy celebs for their fame and wealth, but many of us don’t even realize how hard it is sometimes to be famous and try to live a normal life. Sure, they can jump in their private limo and/or a jet plane to get away from their crazy fans, but it’s not as easy when it comes to the swarms of paparazzi following them around. Papz will do everything they can for that one perfect shot of their “targets” eating out, working out, or even having private affairs. Yet still, some celebs manage to handle them pretty well. So, here’s 12 times when the stars used the paparazzi, and not the other way around.

25 Funniest Pokemon GO Memes

People have been wanting for Pokemon to leak into the real world for decades, and now, with Pokemon GO we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. The game has been out for a week or so, and people have already called it their favorite game ever !

Creative Wallpapers to Cover Up Your Cracked Phone Screen

If you’ve ever dropped/hit/hammered/sat on your phone or iPad you’ve probably seen a mesmerizing mosaic of cracks, like a flower that blooms from destruction. But don’t fret, there is a cheap way to cover up your smashed screen!
So, here are a few of the more creative wallpapers for your cracked screen. Enjoy!

12 Types Of Cats That Will Make You Smile

What is your kitty’s temper? Does it perfectly represent one of the following types? Or is it rather a combination of ‘useless douche’ and ‘little shit?’ Take a look at the illustrations accompanied with short pieces of info to understand little balls of fur better.

The Green Screen Queen Elizabeth II

First of all, can you believe how great Queen E looks on her 90th birthday celebration? Especially that bright neon-green coat! Of course, where there’s green screen, the internet is all over it! And that’s exactly what happened. Just a few minutes after the photos were published, all of the Twitter whipped out their Photoshops and the real birthday celebration began!

Guy Quits His Job to Become an Internet Sensation and Tell His Mom He’s Fine!

A 27 y.o. model Jonathan Quiñonez decided to do just that – quit his job and travel around the globe! Naturally his mom freaked out, so, to assure his mom that he’s alive and well, he started a photo series called “Mom I’m Fine”, where he poses with a poster saying “mom, I’m fine” during all of his fascinating adventures.

10 Social Media Posts That Got People Fired

Here are 10 cases where people, although some of them were real assholes, lost their jobs after saying stupid stuff on Facebook or Twitter. Think before you post, people, don’t be ”social mediots”!