40 Ryan Reynolds Tweets That Prove He’s The Hero We Deserve

If you’ve been to Imgur, 9GAG, or whatever site you’re using to get your daily laughs, you’ve probably seen Ryan Reyniolds’ tweets pop-up here and there during the past 2 years or so. Before, during, and after his movie “Deadpool” was released. So, without further ado, let’s see those 40 Ryan Reynolds tweets, that prove he’s the hero we deserve!

Fantastically Artistic Knitting Skills of Sam Barsky (15 Pictures)

Sometimes people like buying souvenirs during their travels. You know, small stuff like pins, fridge magnets, postcards – basically, anything that would prove to their friends and family that they’ve actually been to, say, the UK or US. You know, it’s like, if you’re not in the photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background, nobody will know you’ve been to Paris. On the other hand there are people who prefer to make the souvenirs with their own two hands… and then there’s this dude.

24 Crazy Funny Road Signs

Sometimes road signs can look pretty… confusing, to say the least. So let’s see if we can guess what these 25 crazy road signs actually mean!

These Are Some Straight-up Crooked Houses (10 Photos)!

If you thought that the Tower of Pisa is the only unnatural-looking building in the world, boy were you wrong! There’s an entire street in New Zealand where every single house looks like it came from a Tim Burton fantasy. When you first stand on Baldwin Street in New Zealand, you’ll really start doubting your sanity. And yeah, there’s no Photoshop in these pics (maybe just a few filters here and there, though).

10 Weird Things We All Do But Will Never, Ever Admit

We, people, regard ourselves as rational human beings, but is that really so? Each of us has done something irrational at least once in our life, but the truth is – we do weird, crazy things on a daily basis without even noticing. We are constantly bombarded by our own emotions and more often than not we lose that battle and end up doing unexplainable things. How is that possible? Well, no one knows for sure, the answers to that are probably hidden in our subconsciousness. One thing we do know– everyone does those strange things, but no one will ever admit to the fact. Here are 10 crazy things we all have done at least once.

9 Christmas Gifts for People That Are Always Cold

Since Christmas is all about sharing warmth and love, we could pretty much go the literal route and take a look at some gifts that can keep your ice cold friends warm. Or at least something that’ll make them shut up about being cold for a while. Small steps, people.

Christmas Memes That Prove It’s The Worst Holiday

While we grow up as kids thinking Christmas time is the best thing ever, the first step towards adulthood is realizing that Christmas is a sort of social purging ritual. We talk to everyone in as short a time as possible so we can go back to ignoring them for the rest of the year.
And if you think I sound bitter, here’s a bunch of memes to prove how bad this holiday really is.

15 Geekiest “Ugly” Christmas Sweaters of 2016

2016 was a great year for us geeks, with all movies, TV shows, and video games. Naturally, you can get t-shirts, and hoodies, and whatnot, with your favorite characters, and quotes, but nothing says “I’m a big /insert fandom/ fan” than a so-called “ugly Christmas sweater”. Whether you want to get one for yourself or for a friend, these knitted masterpieces make for a great holiday gift. So, here are 15 geekiest ugly Christmas sweaters of 2016!

9 Most Amazing Mannequin Challenges (So Far)

Seems like the Internet is all about random challenges these days. And this recent fad is no exception. A lot of videos, showing people seemingly frozen in time, have literally been appearing everywhere – on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever video sharing platform you’re using. That’s the so-called Mannequin Challenge, for those of you who didn’t put two and two together. It’s basically what it sounds like: people do a “freeze frame” in the middle of an action and the camera guy/girl films their poses. Nothing too complicated, right? But the people have been going bonkers trying to outdo one another! While some videos may look a bit creepy (it is the Internet after all), some are pretty funny, and then there these nine masterpieces. Just sit back and enjoy!

30 Worst Fashion Fails Ever

Ever had a “bad day” when you forgot to zip your fly, or maybe your heel broke off? Well, don’t sweat it, people had way more awful misadventures. Even worse than that, they had the audacity to do it intentionally and even call it “fashion”.
Here are 30 most ridiculous fashion fails on the planet!

15 Poor Animals That Had Too Much To Drink Last Night

Animals aren’t that different from humans. Have you seen those faces cats make when they look at you and those hilarious poses dogs sometimes recreate? They are just like us! They may not drink like we do, but they surely do sometimes look like they’re experiencing the worst hangover ever. Here are 15 poor souls that shouldn’t have drunk so much last night.

26 Phenomenal Makeup Transformations

We have something for you. Just a few wacky ideas, to make you look at least somewhat like your favourite celebrity.
Let’s get to the point! Here are over 30 ideas for a phenomenal makeup transformations. Enjoy!

30+ Hilarious Office Pranks

Sometimes office workers get a bit bored, and what do you do when you’re bored out of your mind? You spice things up, by pranking your beloved coworkers! You can also try pranking your boss, of course, but it does not always end well for the daredevils.
Let’s see these 30+ creative ideas that will help you mess with your office coworkers!

Cheap Cosplay Ideas from a Taiwanese Genius

The Halloween craziness is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and cosplay some of your favorite characters, right? You can spent countless hours and even days, working on a perfect costume, or… you can try doing some low-cost cosplay, just like this Taiwanese dude.
He uses everything his hand can reach, adds some creative vision, and about 5-10 minutes to glue everything together if needed. And, voila!
Enjoy getting your mind blown, dear readers!

Amazing Make-Up Transformations

Let’s take a look at some amazing make-up transformations that might inspire you for the holidays, but don’t forget girls – you can’t put make-up on a lacking personality. Also I have no idea how to do any of this so you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. I don’t make the rules.

This Hawk Photoshop Battle is Epic

Clint Ralph, an animal enthusiast, was visiting South Africa when he was looking for bearded vultures to photograph. As he spotted a jackal hawk moving towards his latest meal, he turned his lens towards it. Enter a random picture of a badass hawk being a badass. That’s when the Internet, in all its infinite glory and creativity, started Photoshopping the living hell out of this hawk.
Let’s take a look at the best entries of the Battle of the Badass Hawk.