Simple Problems – Simple Solutions (23 Pics)

You cannot even comprehend what the human genius can accomplish when push comes to shove. Things break all the time, and these modern-day heroes were gifted with the best power of them all – the power to fix stuff. Sadly, at times their fixing just looks too stupid. Let’s have a look at these prodigies!

The 20 Most Useless Things People Never Asked For

You know what the word “essential” means? Something absolutely necessary, extremely important. So basically, it’s the stuff you will NOT see in this gallery. What you will see, however, is a bunch of super useless things, that should not exist, yet someone out there thought they should. So, here are 20 most useless things people never asked for!

7 Things Men Still Don’t Understand About Women

In the words of the legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld: “What’s the deal with women?” So how would you like to learn the real reason behind girls stealing food from your plate, or going to the bathroom with other girls? Either way, here’s a list of 7 things men still don’t understand about women.

Hilarious “Meitu” Transformations Taking Over The Internet By Storm! (26 Photos)

Have you tried this magnificent Meitu app yet? Well, I’m not gonna say you should, because, apparently, it requires quite a set of suspicious permissions to be installed on your phone, but if you’re up for a little gambling, give this Chinese app a spin!
Ready or not, these 26 Meitu-fied photos will hit you where it hurts – straight to the heart, of course. Enjoy!