Perfectly-Timed Photos Right Before Disaster Strikes


In order to not destroy the process of your fail-appreciation, I’ve collected a few “right before disaster strikes” pictures. Well, I didn’t collect them, the internet collected them. I merely condensed the collection into this page. Feel free to let your imagination run wild and thing of all the horrible ways in which these pictures could go wrong. I know I will. You can be damn sure I will. Anyway, enjoy!

We all enjoy a good tragedy every once in a while. If we didn’t, there’d be no use for the Fast and the Furious series after the second movie. Tokyo Drift reminded us of what was important in life. The problem with tragedies is that a lot of them happen without anyone really being around to share them with the world. I mean, the age of the smartphone helped a lot, but it’s still not a perfect world when you want to take a peek at disaster. We need a video-recording retina installed in pretty much everyone’s eyeballs to solve the biggest problem of today’s society.

Thankfully though, it’s really, really gotten better. Our grandparents never got to see a fail unless they were right on top of it. And they couldn’t tell anyone about it, because most of the times it turned out to be one of those “you had to be there” stories. Thanks to the world of digital photography, we can now take pictures right before disaster strikes, so our imagination can still fill in the blanks and imagine how horribly hilarious this accident will unfold. As long as no one gets (permanently or severely) hurt, of course.