These Clever Guerilla Marketing Examples Prove You Don’t Need A Big Budget


First of all: guerilla marketing has nothing to do with fighting in tunnels in Vietnam. I mean, it should, but it doesn’t. It’s a new form of marketing where you essentially use wits and humor over huge budgets and professional commercials. The general idea is to make customers go “hey, I like this guy, I’ll buy his stuff.”
Stores small and large have been using this inexpensive marketing method to attract their customer’s attention to great success. Since product placement has made us all pretty much immune to regular commercial tactics, it was sorely needed. Let’s take a look at some of the best guerilla marketing examples.

So this is how Chelsea will win the Premier League

One might even say it’s the importantest

And if you’re going to drink coffee, don’t forget to praise our lord and savior Lucifer

Victorian iPads – Now also for filthy plebs


Say Yes To The Dress

Desperate Tinder Banana

Potatoes may or may not have been grown by Matt Damon on Mars

Snowman body not included

The bread is done when I say it’s done

Khaleesi the Unburnt, Mother of Groceries

Nintendo goes ground meat

Easy choice, when you put it that way

Grumpy Cat disapproves of your lack of fresh vegetables

I wonder if the cheese is as creamy as the puns

That’s a lot of liquid sugar fighting over the Sokovia Accords