9 Definitely Outdated (aka Vintage) Thanksgiving Ads

Christmas is all about giving and getting presents, Halloween is the diabetes of all holidays with all the candies and chocolate bars you get trick-or-treating, and… Thanksgiving? What is it about? And don’t tell me it’s “quality family time”, because according to some vintage ads Thanksgiving is all about smoking, drinking beer, and eating mayonnaise with everything.

9 Reasons Blake Lively Is Funnier Than Ryan Reynolds

Years before Ryan’s role as (the proper) Deadpool, people considered him to be hilarious, but it looks like his wife, Blake Lively, has been pretty busy keeping up with his comedic adventures, and maybe learning a thing or two along the way. Relax, I’m joking, the truth is, Blake is just as capable of coming up with the proverbial “comedy gold”, as her beloved Merc with the Mouth. So, let’s see if Blake Lively is actually funnier than Ryan Reynolds, or if she’s just a fluke.

EBay Has The Weirdest Beauty Gadgets

eBay has pretty much everything for pretty much everyone. If it’s available for purchase, you’ll find it there. Where most of the time that’s a blessing, it can also be a curse. And if there’s one area of life in which people can truly be cursed, it’s beauty.

New Emoji Hair Trend Takes Social Media By Storm And We Are In Love With It (10+Pics)

. You can experiment with all colour schemes and create interesting themes that will make your look truly stand out. And the best part about it? It’s totally free and does nothing to your hair. Unlike all previous hair trends that involved lots of hair dyeing and expensive trips to salons, this one will leave your hair out of the harm’s way and you can experiment non-stop until you either get tired of it, or the trend dies out. So what are you waiting for?

21 Tinder Profiles That Are Pure Gold

Tinder is a mess. It’s full of awful, disgusting men and cat-fishing profiles. However, sometimes you stumble across profiles that are real, true gems! Here are 21 of them!

20 Hilarious Fake Posters Found All Over California

There’s this Bolivian stand-up comedian, Jason C. Saenz, who’s going around California, putting up fake posters everywhere. Aside from being funny as hell, Saenz’s posters are also placed in the most appropriately inappropriate places! Don’t believe me? Fine, take a look at them yourself!