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Cold Weather Sucks, But It Can Look Nice


I’m not sure if you’ve heard about it, but it’s been cold lately in some places. Freezingly cold. Colder than your ex-girlfriend’s heart cold. America has seen one of its worst cold periods since, well, cold was invented and other places around the world are no strangers to blizzards either. And we can all agree that cold weather is a truly horrible thing to be stuck in. It’s right up there with traffic during rush hour and anywhere near an Apple store whenever a new iPhone gets released.











That said, there’s something oddly charming about pictures of these freakishly cold moments in life. You only truly learn to appreciate them if you’re looking at them from your warm home, sipping a hot chocolate milk with or without some spirits added to them. I won’t judge, I do it myself. Technically I’d say I add hot chocolate milk to my spirits, but I didn’t come here to argue semantics.











Thanks to the wonderful people of Russia and America and their horrible experiences with blizzards and extreme weather, we can watch all these amazing images without having to risk our lives for it by going outside in temperatures that will literally make your body parts freeze off. I think we should all thank them for their sacrifice. Here’s to hoping 2018 is as beautiful as these pictures, only slightly warmer! Remember: Luke only went to Hoth because he had to protect the Rebel alliance. Even Jedi masters don’t go near that weather when they don’t have to. There’s a good reason for that.