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Hey, James, Fix My Photo! (12 Pictures)


Meet James. James ( knows his way around Photoshop pretty well, and uses his god-like skills to troll people on the Internet. Random strangers on Twitter and Instagram, will send him their “bad “pics, and ask him to, basically, “fix” them. This includes things like adding boobs, removing people, putting people in weird positions, and so on. You can see why this guy is so popular, right?


Let’s browse through a few of his funniest works!



1. Not his greatest work, but it literally shredded that girl into ribbons.



2. Oh yeah, that’s that one space bar every astronaut would love to visit.

3. Isn’t this the Maori dude from Moana?



4. Woah, he already looks more buff! That’s the power of editing!

5. Are you satisfied with your leg now, Natasha? It’s like a freaking boa now!



6. What a d-bag! He just waltzed straight into the frame!

7. Teletubbies sure are creepy, but nothing beats “responsibilities”. You know, taxes, bills, deadlines *shivers*



8. Next time just tell your wife to wait for the birdie…

9. Well, first, nobody wants to see your family vacation pictures. And second, what the hell kind of “good time” are you talking about?



10. And there he is… just scrubbing the wall, like it’s his favorite thing to do.

11. It’s that whatshisname… Zac Effron? Took me a good 10 minutes to figure it out.



12.Now try to find Waldo, while you’re at it.