9 Hilarious Disney Face Swaps!

You’ve already seen these Disney princesses all inked up, dressed in a modern fashion, and probably some of their more disturbing iterations, but this time we’re changing the game. Today the heroes of popular fairy tales, myths and stories, you know and love, depicted in the Walt Disney cartoons, became victims of failed face transplantation.

Top 20 Cosplays That Are Far Better Than the Originals

Cosplayers used to be viewed as nerds who dressed up in some weird clothes, but today the cosplay business is up there with haute couture fashion. And if you want to promote your game, book, movie or a comic, there’s no better ad than scantily-clad women parading at some relevant event like Comic-Con or PAX, or SXSW.

15 Actors, Politicians, and Celebs All Mixed Together by Guillaumetc

Imagine Barack Obama but with Dwayne Johnson’s face. Or Ed Sheeran playing Harry Potter… This Guillaumetc dude (https://www.instagram.com/guillaumetc/) is truly talented, and knows exactly whose face to swap with whom. If you go to his Instagram, you’ll see he’s doing this face mash-up thing to all sorts of people – actors, politicians, and celebs. You should definitely follow him!

Cold Weather Sucks, But It Can Look Nice

Thanks to the wonderful people of Russia and America and their horrible experiences with blizzards and extreme weather, we can watch all these amazing images without having to risk our lives for it by going outside in temperatures that will literally make your body parts freeze off.