12 Easy But Still Fun Halloween Costumes Any Guy Can Nail


Halloween is creeping up on us, slow but steadily. Some of you have already figured out if you’re going to play the annual dress up game, and maybe even decided on what character you’re going to be. But I’m fairly certain that most of you, especially our male readers, are still lost and looking for a quick and easy ideas for your Halloween costumes. Dudes, have I got some amazing ideas for you!.. Actually no, these will all probably be pointless but somewhat funny.


Here are 12 easy but still fun Halloween costumes for guys!



The Ghost Emoji
Get a white sheet, glue eyes and tongue to it and voila – a ghost emoji!



Walter White
Really easy this one: get a fake gun, and drop your pants.



Archie Andrews
Archie from Riverdale is also one of the easiest characters to nail.

A classic Superman costume-but-not-really, where you only need a t-shirt.

Christian Grey
All you need is to wear your suit for the job interviews. Easy-peasy!



Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty shades of Grey now as a Halloween costume!

Props for the best joke costume on this list goes to this dude. He’s got nickels… on his back. Get it?



Indiana Jones
A hat, a leather jacket, and a whip – that’s all you need.

Mike Meyers
Put on a mask – now you’re Mike Meyers.



V for Vendetta
Put on a mask – now you’re Guy Fawkes.

Danny Zuko
You’re gonna need a lot of pomade and preferably a great set of hair.



Marty McFly
I saved the best for last, but only the best boys are allowed to wear this.