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20 Strangest Things You’ll Find Only In Asia


There’s no weirder place on Earth than Asia. Let’s take a quick look at just how bad things are over there. Here are 20 strangest things you will only find in Asia!



1. This is a competition where people eat hot peppers while being submerged in a vat full of chile peppers. This is literally what hell looks like!



2. Mmm, cherry blossom Lay’s! Yummy!



3. Sick of drinking coconut water from cans and bottles? How about drinking it from the source?



4. Transparent Coke, anyone?

5. McChickenFeet and a big Coke, please!



6. Hey, at least he’s wearing a helmet.



7. Grandpa must really love this tree… and his leg.

8. Here we see a hunter carrying his slain prey to his lair to feed his family.



9. I don’t even know what to say here. Creep level – over 9000!



10. When you left your keys to the Zords at home but still gotta fight evil.



11. I don’t know why but this Pika-bus creeps me the heck out.

12. It’s a tiebrella!



13. I’m surprised he’s not texting, while drinking coffee, while also giving out change.



14. You have two options here: 1) get drenched; 2) suffocate and/or crash. He’s made his choice.

15. Is it a traffic jam?



16. Bulburber, I choose you!



17. Uuh, someone better call Ripley, and tell her the Xenomorph is back in town!

18. Can you guess what OFC stands for?



19. It may look crazy but if it works – it works.



20. Smile!