Some Men Just Want to Watch The Food Burn (20 Culinary Disasters)


Has anyone ever told you that your cooking skills are subpar? I hope not, but chances are friends didn’t like your burned steak or salad so salty, the ocean water would seem refreshing. And hey, it’s all fine, maybe cooking is not your thing. Some guys are good at fixing stuff, others can kick a footfall very hard, and you… you can read! And, hopefully, you don’t get offended easily.

Either way, if you think you such at cooking, but you’re actually not that horrible, you may want to look at these men trying to do the most basic actions, and failing miserably. Seriously, if I had a friend like that I’d never let him anywhere near the stove, the fridge, or, god forbid, the blender!

Here are 20 culinary disasters proving that some men just want to watch the food burn.



1. At first I though these were eggs, but upon closer inspection seems like it’s a whole lotta plastic bags with… soup? I can only guess, but somehow I don’t think boiling plastic bags is good for you.



2. This invention lets you reheat your… whatever these are. You know like a microwave would do, only 10 times slower.



3. Good thing he didn’t bite right away, or his teeth would’ve been done for.



4. I don’t know what happened, nor do I want to know. There are too many things wrong with this picture.

5. Classic pizza in the oven fail. Happy cleaning!



6. Well, it kinda works, so I’ll let this one slide.



7. We’ve all been there. Stir your pasta, dammit!

8. Ah, the old-English “Crunchy Eggs” recipe. Yumm!



9. I don’t even want to address this dumb invention.



10. There are many things you should not put into a microwave. Metal objects, pets, kids, and, obviously, pumpkins, just to name a few.



11. Pressure cookers are evil spawns of Satan.

12. I wonder how the glasses are still intact after a trip to the oven.



13. When you got student loans, but still want sushi.



14. If you screw up fried eggs this easily, you should be banned from the kitchen.

15. I’m torn. On the one hand, I want to try this, but on the other hand – this is just stupid!



16. Forget the cutting board, what knife are you using? Excalibur?!



17. Never cook when you’re drunk.

18. When someone tells you to peel half of the potatoes, this is not what they mean.



19. Well, whatever it is it’s definitely overcooked.



20. *sigh* Just… how?