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9 Strange and Hilarious Incidents Caught on Camera


Accidents often leave us speechless, especially if it’s something horrific with a lot of casualties. But sometimes, you can’t help but laugh at human stupidity when you see those CCTV videos. According to some Internet stats, there are over 3 million car crashes annually. Add to that other kinds of incidents involving bikes, animals, kids, and gym mishaps, and you’re looking at millions of videos posted daily.

Some of these accidents defy the laws of physics and are perplexing mysteries that beg to be solved, while others are banking on the cringe factor. We’ve got them all just for you, so sit back and scroll away!

1) Wicked driving! That flip at the end was 10/10.

2) At least nobody got hurt in this accident. Probably.

3) One more second, and he’d be a burger patty.

4) Have you ever seen a thirsty helicopter chugging water? Well, now you have.

5) Laws of Physics are a bit*h when you can’t drive straight.

6) Always wear a seat belt even if you’re going 15 mph.

7) Elon’s baby is just as undercooked as his Twitter takes.

8) This kid’s going places. Not Harvard, but places.

9) She did a backflip straight into a credit loan.