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18 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas | Brain Berries

18 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

You have your usual suspects like Lady GaGa, Spider-Man, Game of Thrones characters, but there are also these strange people dressed as Snapchat filters, beer-pong tables, and other outrageously fun-looking things!

8 Stereotypes About Russians That Drive Them Nuts

Russia is far too complex to fit any particular stereotype. Not sure what to believe? We’re here to serve up a delicious dish of truth! Here are just of the few misconceptions that people have about the country.

7 Most Awe-Inspiring Heroic Deaths in Movies | Brain Berries

Max Siedentopf Tests The Limits of Passport Photos

We’ve all had experience with having your passport photo taken, and it’s rarely been a good experience. It’s honestly the most boring and unflattering way to have your picture taken and probably the only situation in your life where you’re not allowed to smile. Sounds like a good subject for a photography series, right?

first meme | Brain Berries

How Old Is The First Meme Ever?

The memes are at an all-time high right now, with some people even calling themselves meme experts or meme lords. Must be the best job ever. With so many of these funny memes around it’s very easy to forget how it all started. Have you ever asked yourself what was the first meme that saw the light of day?

11 Craziest Bottle Cap Challenge Videos (So Far)

Last year every single person on the internet were flipping bottles, and people called that a challenge. This year everyone trying to unscrew the bottle caps in the craziest and most over-the-top way possible, which is much cooler. 

10 Funny Fathers day Gifts for Cool Dads

Dads (especially cool dads) are like their own species. They somehow manage to make the lamest jokes even lamer by just telling them. But they’re there for you, they try to be cool when you bring your friends around, and father’s day is coming, so your cool dad probably deserves a funny gift!