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10 Unusual and Outright Weird Festivals Around the World


If you like having fun, there’s a good chance you’ve been to many parties and festivals. Mostly music festivals, am I right? Well, if you thought that’s the only type of fest, you’d be dead wrong. There are festivals for almost any occasion, especially during summer time. Some of them are quite unusual, like the Water Gun fest in South Korea, while others are outright bonkers!

If you’re looking for a place to visit, keep in mind these 10 locations, for they hold the weirdest festivals on earth.

1. Sinchon Water Gun Festival, South Korea

It’s pretty self-explanatory and fun: water gun, hot summer days, street performances, loud music, and a lot of wet t-shirts. What’s not to love?

2. Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

An annual Mud Fest is all about getting dirty. It’s a lot like the Water Gun Fest, if you add some mud. Music, fireworks and everything else is included!

3. Hair Freezing Contest, Canada

Canadians are weird, but this tradition makes them look even wackier. You get into the hot springs, you wet your hair, and you wait until it gets all frosty, so you can basically bend it anyway you want. Not gonna lie, I’d lose right away.

4. Underwater Music Festival, United States

Just look at these underwater weirdos! Do you really need an explanation other than “they’re playing fish trumpets”?

5. La Tomatina, Valencia, Spain

Everyone like tomatoes, well, except for Link from GMM, so of course, someone at some point in time said “Hey, we have so many tomatoes left, what should we do with them? Oh, yes, let’s bathe in their juice and throw ’em at each other!” 

6. Cheung Chau Bun Festival, China

Do you see those white dome-like things? Those are sweet buns, and people use them to decorate 60 feet high towers. After that, people start climbing these sweet towers, trying to take as many delicious sweets as they can.

7. World Toe Wrestling Championships, UK

What can be said about toe wrestling? First of all, it’s not a made-up competition. Second, it involves toes. And third, I hope the contestants wash their wrestlers before and after the match.

8. Floating Lantern Festival, Hawaii

One of the most beautiful festivals ever is the Floating Lantern Fest in Hawaii. If you get to see it with your own eyes, you’re guaranteed to never forget how breath-taking all those lanterns look.

9. Lopburi Monkey Banquet, Thailand

Imagine thousands of monkeys devouring fruits, ice cream, probably pancakes – anything and everything the humans prepared for the Lopburi festival. It’s a magical feast for these primates, and it’s a real pleasure to observe!