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11 Awesome Animal-themed Cake Ideas



Who doesn’t love a great cake? I mean, sure, there are many people that don’t like cakes, but I think it’s just because they haven’t been given the right cake. I’m sure that there’s a perfect cake for everyone, and that the shape of the cake has as much to do with its enjoyment as its taste. And what better shape for a cake than a person’s favorite animal? Here are 11 awesome animal-themed cake ideas for you and/or your friends!



I, obviously, love cats. Although there are other animals on the list that I’d much prefer to see in cake form, it’s really difficult to go wrong with a cat cake! And here, you have so much creative freedom. You can make a fluffy cat. You can make a smooth cat. You could make a cake out of your favorite animated cat character. For extra bonus points — make it look like your cat is about to jump out of the cake!


First of all — you have so many fictional dogs to choose from! There’s Clifford the Big Red Dog. There’s Snoopy. There’s Scooby-Doo. And if all the fictional dogs aren’t enough for you, there’s hundreds of dog breeds that are cute and would make for a great-looking cake. I, personally, would opt for a pug cake, but if I had more than 10 guests I think I’d make a Bulldog.



I think that bunnies and rabbits shouldn’t be confined for Easter-related celebrations. I think a good bunny cake can be a cute addition to any birthday party. And while you do have Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit, I find that the cakes that look like generic “cute bunnies” are the best.


First of all — hedgehog cakes make the best birthday cakes because each spike can be a candle! If you’ve got an old grandparent, consider making a hedgehog cake for them. Second of all, hedgehogs are cute. I’m talking about the real hedgehogs, and not the monstrosity that is the Sonic Hedgehog in the latest trailer for that movie.


Now, let’s transition from animals you can see in your backyard and move on to something bigger and more exotic — lions! With Lion King coming out in the cinemas soon I’m expecting to see a lot of Simba cakes. However, there’s no reason to limit your lion-cake-making to the release of the latest Disney movie. Lions are also horoscope signs, which means that they make for a perfect birthday cake for anyone born in late July or early August!


If you make a tiger cake and it doesn’t have stripes on the inside and on the outside — you’re definitely doing something wrong. With tigers you also have quite a few cartoons to choose from. My personal preference would definitely be Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Also, the sugar rush after eating a large cake would definitely make you feel as energetic and happy as Tigger! The perfect choice.



From your backyard, to the Savannas, and now into the ocean we go! Octopus can be your inspiration for some truly stunning looking cakes. You can make each tentacle be a different flavor. You can make the octopus as the “main event” or use it as merely a decoration for your otherwise standard cake. And, since octopi can change their colors, you have all the freedom in the world when it comes to picking the color of your cake.


And now, from the ocean to Oceania. Wombats are native to Australia, and these highly-energetic, bumper-car acting animals can make for an absolutely great cake inspiration. Although it might not be your cup of tea, there’s a little factoid about wombats that might also inspire you to make some square cupcakes. You see, wombat poops are cubes, so you could make some square cupcakes or brownies to go with your wombat cake!


They’re slow, they’re kinda lazy, and they’re adorable! While koala’s might look weird on their own as a cake, they would make for a great cake topping. Just make sure you don’t use too much eucalyptus in your cake or it’s going to taste less like cake and more like cough medicine!


The platypus is one of the strangest animals out there. It’s a mammal, but it also lays eggs! It’s like if an oversized otter was mixed with a cartoon duck. If you’re going to make a platypus cake, I strongly suggest that you go for a cartoon version of this strange animal. As you can see, if you try to make your cake too realistic you run the risk of making it less appealing to eat than wombat cube brownies.



Look, if the millions of animal species of our planet aren’t enough — you can always go for something mystical, fictional, and mythical. And if you’re going to go down that path, there’s no better “animal” to pick than a Dragon! You can make a dragon that’s a cake, or you can make a dragon that’s protecting the cake. Or you could make a dragon cake that is protecting a large pot of golden chocolate coins!