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10 Funny Fathers day Gifts for Cool Dads


Dads (especially cool dads) are like their own species. They somehow manage to make the lamest jokes even lamer by just telling them. Put the same joke on a meme or in a TikTok and you’re going to get millions of shares and likes. It’s incredible. But they’re there for you, they try to be cool when you bring your friends around, and father’s day is coming, so your cool dad probably deserves a funny gift! Here are 10 funny fathers day gifts for cool dads.
Summer might be all but over by the time father’s day rolls around, but the sun still shines and your dad’s eyes probably still need protection from it. Besides, if your dad is truly a cool dad, I bet he’s the type of person who can probably pull off wearing some cool shades even when it’s dark outside.

Banana Phone
“Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring. Banana Phone!” Remember when that song was a meme? Remember when your dad heard about it and couldn’t possibly walk through the kitchen without picking up a banana and putting it to his ear? Yeah. Dads are cool. And you can make them even “cooler” by gifting them this hilarious Bluetooth banana phone!


A Bouquet
Your dad might be too macho for flowers, but nobody can say “no” to a nice arrangement of #manly beer and #manly meats. Take some of his favorite beer, some of his favorite chorizo, and some of his favorite beef jerky. Wrap it all together (nicely) with a string, and then wrap that with some #cool and #manly paper. There, you have a beautiful bouquet for your super-cool dad.

Cards Against Humanity
I follow the creators of Cards Against Humanity across social media and none of them seem to be particularly fond of dad jokes. It shows in their cards! Give your dad the game of Cards Against Humanity and put his humor to the test. Can he nail a good R-rated joke, or does he only play it safe with jokes as bland and innocent as PG-13 movies?

Game of Thrones Toilet
Hear me out! Put your opinions on the series finale to the side and consider the life of your father. He’s not that young anymore, and he’s spent a lot of time on Game of Thrones. Sure, there’s all the seasons of the show. That’s a lot of time. But you know what took even more time? His jokes and conversations about Game of Thrones. Your dad was invested. He was all in. He deserves a seat at the Iron Throne (or at least the porcelain one).

Custom Candle
In addition to being very “cool” your dad might also be really nice. You could, possibly, even say that he’s a “saint”. Put your money where your mouth is and get him superimposed on a picture of a saint and then have that picture plastered on a candle. Your dad will love this gift.


An Apron
Sure, your dad might not be much of a cook, but that doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate a hilarious apron that accentuates his fatherly body and paternal humor.

A Course in Teen Slang
You know why dads try so hard to be funny? Because being funny is their only way to hold on to their youth and stay relevant in the world of their children. At least that’s what they think. Sure, they can display emotional availability. They can be supporting and loving. They can become a force to be reckoned with and someone you know you can always rely on. But that seems hard, and making jokes seems easy. So, to help your dad with his chosen course of action, give your dad a crash course in teen slang so that he knows to tell you that your eyebrows are on fleek and your crush is low key fit.

Custom Bobblehead
These might be a little harder to get made (if you want them made well), but I’ve never seen a dad who didn’t think that bobbleheads are hilarious. And a bobblehead with his head? Truly the best thing ever created on this planet.


Airplane on BluRay
Airplane is a movie the epitomizes the “so dumb it’s amazing” genre of comedy. It’s 90 minutes of dad jokes. It’s a combination of a sketch show and a feature length film. You know what it is? It’s a feature length dad joke. Your dad will love this gift. This is, truly, the funniest gift you can get for your cool dad.