11 Craziest Bottle Cap Challenge Videos (So Far)


Last year every single person on the internet were flipping bottles, and people called that a challenge. This year everyone trying to unscrew the bottle caps in the craziest and most over-the-top way possible, which is much cooler. 

You know, it’s kind of funny, because I sometimes can’t open a bottle of Coke the regular way. Here I am – huffing and puffing, trying to twist that plastic thing off; and there they are – these martial artists and daredevils on freaking motorcycles popping those caps like they’re nothing!

Looking at these skillful masters, there’s only one thing you could be certain of – humans are amazing! Just think about it. Sure, the task at hand is beyond idiotic and useless, but the coordination required for such a feat is almost super-human and that’s incredibly impressive. 

Anyway, here are 11 craziest bottle cap challenge videos that may make you feel somewhat physically inadequate. Enjoy!

  1. You don’t mess with the Chancla, bruh!

2. Wake-boarding has never looked this cool. The slo-mo really sells it.

3. It’s not about a great finish, it’s about the journey. And this bottle’s journey was epic!

4. Now this is what a professional football player looks like!


5. What happens wheт “over the top” gets over the top? This happens… And it’s beautiful!


6. When Donnie Yen aka Ip Man does a stunt, he does it with god-like precision.


7. This may seem easy at first but trust me, it’s not. The balancing alone is a hell to maintain.


8. That was truly unexpected.

9. Mariah Carrey certainly has some… skills.

10. Did you know that it was actually Jason Statham who made this challenge so popular!


11. And what’s your excuse?