Keanu Reeves Reimagined as Your Favorite Disney Princes Is All You Ned To See


Have you noticed that Keanu Reeves is almost literally everywhere these days? He’s always been an awesome and kind person, as well as a fantastic actor, but why is he blowing up now? If you look closer at the past few years, the answer becomes quite obvious.

First of all, like I said, he’s a wonderful human being. Keanu is well-known for donating loads of money to charities. Of course the fact that his latest movie (John Wick 3) was a huge hit, also helped. But wait, there’s more! He’s also in Toy Story 4 and Always Be My Maybe. All of these movies were released in the same month, so of course everybody’s talking about Keanu Reeves.

But wait… there’s even more. This June’s E3 was the real reason for his sudden spike in popularity: he will be in one of the biggest games of the decade – Cyberpunk 2077, and guess who told us that? Keanu himself got up on the stage and called everyone “breathtaking”! Oh yeah, and one more thing: there’s a petition to name Keanu Time magazine’s 2019 Person of the Year!

What does all this have to do with Disney? A) He was approached by Marvel many times, which means we’ll see a superhero (or villain) Keanu sooner rather than later; B) there’s an artist named Crystal Ro who reimagined him as various Disney princes. And we gotta say, he looks stunning even as a cartoon!

The Beast – Beauty and the Beast

Keanu Reeves as Disney Princes | BrainBerries

Prince Aladdin – Aladdin

Keanu Reeves as Prince Aladdin | BrainBerries

John Smith – Pocahontas

Keanu Reeves as John Smith | BrainBerries

Li Shang – Mulan

Keanu Reeves as Li Shang | BrainBerries

Prince Naveen – Princess and the Frog

Keanu Reeves as Prince Naveen | BrainBerries

Prince Eric – Little Mermaid

Keanu Reeves as Prince Eric | BrainBerries

Prince Philip – Sleeping Beauty

Keanu Reeves as Prince Philip | BrainBerries

Prince Charming – Cinderella

Keanu Reeves as Prince Charming | BrainBerries

Just a regular old nameless Prince – Snow White

Keanu Reeves as Just a regular old nameless Prince | BrainBerries

Which one did you like the most?