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Inventor Creates Things That Nobody Needs And Naturally Becomes An Internet Hit


Inventors make the world go round, but not all of them make the inventions that really significantly alter your life in a good way. The best example of these unnecessary inventors is probably Matt Benedetto, who solves problems that aren’t really problems at all.
Most of his creations are quite obviously aimed at a millennial lifestyle, which doesn’t make them any more useful but does make them hilarious. Take a look.



The Century Charger
This 100 foot charging cable allows you to charge your iPhone everywhere in the house, and probably most of your yard.


The BurritoTrough
You know what’s better than a burrito? Being able to eat a burrito handsfree. Thanks, Matt!



If you get cold fingers during winter but hate wearing gloves, this is perfect for you. In any other situation, it’s literally useless.


We’ve all been there: all your cool friends are using their iPhone X phones, and you’re still using an older model that has a headphone jack. This easy tool allows you to hide your shame forever!



Avocado On A Stick
For those people that hate wasting time putting avocado on toast.


This track will allow you to professionally train your fingers so they can survive an entire day of texting all your BFF’s without even breaking a sweat.



Cuisine Curtain
If you ever chew with your mouth open, this is the perfect thing for you. Just slide the curtain in front of your mouth and no one will be able to tell you have no idea how to eat food like a proper human being.